Are you someone who feels like you don’t have enough time for everything? Are you constantly juggling work and family commitments? If so, you may feel that it’s impossible to fit exercise into your daily routine. But the reality is, it’s really important to stay active! That’s why we’ve created this guide of the best exercise routines for busy people.

But first, let’s go over what we mean when we talk about busy people. Busy people are people who have a lot on their plate; they have obligations and responsibilities that leave little time for self-care. Busy professionals, working parents, and students are all busy people.

The importance of exercise can’t be overstated. Reaping the benefits of exercise helps promote physical health, mental wellness, and overall life satisfaction. Studies show that exercising can lead to a reduced risk of illness and even increases life expectancy. Exercise can also do more than just improve physical fitness – it can help reduce stress levels and improve overall outlook.

So if you’re a busy person, we’re here to let you know it’s definitely possible to make time for exercise. Read on to find out what the best exercises for busy people are, and where to start!

Benefits of Exercise

When you’re a busy person, it’s easy to overlook the importance of exercise. But when you carve out time and energy for physical activity in your day, the benefits are truly priceless. Here’s a look at just some of the physical and mental advantages of exercise.

A. Physical Benefits
Exercise is a natural way to become stronger and healthier. The physical benefits of regular exercise are hard to ignore. You’ll experience improved heart health, increased muscle strength and tone, boosted stamina and endurance, and a better physique. You’ll also find you’re able to move and function more easily with less discomfort and risk of injury. Not to mention, exercise helps burn calories and manage your weight.

B. Mental Benefits
The mental benefits of exercising regularly are just as impressive. Not only does exercise help to reduce stress, but it also increases your ability to concentrate and stay focused on tasks. It triggers the release of endorphins, sending happiness signals to your brain. And since exercise boosts energy levels, you’ll have the mental clarity you need to make better decisions, be productive, and reach those all-important goals.

In short, exercise is an invaluable way to take charge of your physical and mental health, no matter how pressed for time you may be. When you maintain a regular workout routine, your benefits can be truly life-changing.

Types of Exercise Routines for Busy People

A. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Are you looking for a workout that packs a punch but doesn’t require that you spend hours and hours at the gym? HIIT is the perfect option for busy people! HIIT combines short bursts of intense exercises with periods of rest or active recovery. This efficient and effective workout can be completed in just 15 to 20 minutes and can really go a long way in helping you reach your fitness goals. To make things even better, you can do HIIT anywhere – even in the comfort of your own home!

B. Cardio Workouts
Cardio workouts are a great way to get your heart rate going, build up your endurance, and blast calories quickly. There are a plenty of cardio exercises to choose from, such as running, jogging, cycling, swimming, and dancing. Why not ditch the gym and workout outdoors? You’ll get a great workout and enjoy some beautiful scenery at the same time.

C. Functional Training
Functional training is perfect for busy people as it focuses on fitness that can be used in everyday tasks and activities. These exercises typically involve multi-joint, multi-directional movements, such as squats and lunges, that help improve balance, agility, and stability. With functional training, you’ll be able to be ready for whatever the day throws at you!

Tips for Managing a Busy Exercise Schedule

A. Divide and Conquer
When it comes to getting in an effective workout on a busy schedule, it’s all about maximizing time and keeping things manageable. You may not have time for a full hour-long session, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in some quality exercise. A great way to do this is to divide and conquer – break down your workout into smaller chunks and sprinkle them throughout the day. Take 10 minutes here and there. Or take advantage of lunch breaks and days off to squeeze in a good half hour. Whatever works for you, do it! It all adds up.

B. Use Out-of-the-Box Resources
Most people think of a gym when it comes to exercise, but that’s not the only option – by any means. Get creative and find other resources for working out. Take advantage of technology and find plenty of workouts you can do at home. YouTube has an endless supply of workout videos, or use a fitness app and get notifications that remind you to get active. You can also try activities like running, biking, hiking and swimming. Check into a nearby park or pool to really mix things up.

C. Schedule and Commit
Creating a schedule and a plan can work wonders when it comes to staying on track with a busy exercise routine. You don’t have to go strict and plan out every movement – just set times when you plan to ramp up your workouts and stick to it. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality either – if you have to reduce the amount of time you spend exercising, increase the intensity so you can still get the same results from an abbreviated session. Make a commitment to yourself to remain consistent and you’ll find it easier to stick to it.


It’s no secret that exercise can benefit your physical health, mental wellbeing, and even social life. Plus, exercising doesn’t have to mean spending hours per day in a gym – there are plenty of efficient and convenient exercise routines that are suitable for busy people. From full body HIIT workouts to an active walk through your favorite park, there’s a routine for everyone. You can even find creative ways to combine household tasks and daily activities with exercise, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or doing planks and crunches while watching your favorite show.

So if you’re already feeling pressed for time, it’s time to remind yourself of the amazing benefits of exercise that’ll come with investing just a little bit of your time in improving your body and mind. And don’t forget to try out some of our tips and exercise routines for busy people – you’ll be amazed at how good you can feel after only a few minutes of sweat!

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